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The ultimate, limited edition, pilates holiday pack!

Grip Socks

A curated 3-pack offering the all-over comfort and support you need with flexible styles to match your moves to your mood; Jamie grip ankle, Wash Out Grip Full Foot, Base toeless grip strap.

Grip Ankle Features:

  • Combed Cotton
  • Mid-weight Terry Footbed
  • PVC Grip
  • Compression Arch Support
  • Above Ankle Coverage Jamie
  • Padded Ankle Rest Wash Out
  • Toeless Silhouette Base

    Sizing: S/M 5-7.5, M/L 7.5-10Blend: 55% Cotton, 40% Nylon, 5% Spandex

    Inflatable ball

    What can we say. It's the ultimate prop. Hold it, squeeze it, roll with it.Bring an extra layer of fun to your practice, add an extra challenge to your core. Explore balance & stability. It's round so the perfect stretching and mobility partner. 

    • Thick, non-slip PVC rubber
    • Diameter: 8" 
    • Comes with an individual pump

    Resistance Band - Medium 

    Use the resistance band to facilitate, support or challenge you anywhere, anytime.

    This soft fabric band has a non-slip lining so the band stays put while you move, stretch and squat!

    • Width: 3”
    • Circumference: 28” 
    • Polyester & latex thread