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Bringing the same rigorous standards to PPE that we apply to our apparel & accessories.

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Pac-Mfg. owner Harold Robison talks about interesting news ways to replace revenue lost during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Our San Diego team is a passionate group of athletic, fashion driven individuals who excel in design, development, logistics and the sock industry. They work hand in hand with our China team to achieve your sock goals while also helping you figure out the technical aspects in order to produce your desired end product.

PM San Diego

10373 Roselle Street Ste. 110

San Diego, CA. 92121

Mon - Fri, 10am - 9pm


Based in Haining Zhejiang—a city known for technical, higher quality knits-—Our China team are experts in factory management, quality control, development, logistics, export documentation, and factory audits (for social compliance). They are in constant commmunication with our San Diego team, translating your designs into a finished product. 

PM China

Haining Pai Ke Man Textile Co. Ltd. 2nd Floor

No. 16 Changshan Road

Haichang Street Haining City

Zhejiang Province China P.C. 314400



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We have offices—warehouses located in both the Zhejiang Province of China and San Diego California with expert teams to meet your needs. We would love to hear from you and try to provide the very best support for our products and your project goals.