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We build products to inspire others and empower them to achieve their goals. 

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One Stop Shop

At Pacific Manufacturing, your success is our success. We provide our customers with transparency and education as we navigate the design, development, manufacturing, QC and Logistics together— enabling you to make more informed decisions and increase your efficiency.

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Our Step By Step Process

We Make It Easy

Sourcing and Strategy

Leveraging partnerships with over 20 factories, we strategically place orders and development projects to optimize volume, cost, and quality requirements, from raw material suppliers to final product assembly.


Our in-house developers collaborate with your team to create products that meet market demands while proactively addressing potential bulk production challenges, reducing costs and time to market.

Sourcing and QC

Pairing customers with specialized factories, we implement rigorous quality control measures, including PM-led raw material QC, inline inspections, and final assessments, minimizing delays and reducing overall costs.


Operating on a transparent cost-plus model, we provide detailed cost breakdowns at the component level, empowering informed decision-making for our customers.


Our U.S.-based team delivers weekly WIP reports via Excel and maintains an updated workspace on Basecamp, ensuring swift visibility for our customers’ product and management teams.


Our pick and pack warehousing in the U.S. and China allow us to offer end to end logistics solutions for any size company.

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