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Letter from Our CEO

In March of 2020 our business came to a grinding halt with the outbreak of COVID-19. We quickly had to improvise and found that our experience working specifically with performance and sustainable materials as well as auditing for different brand/licensing requirements (ex. Microsoft) made us uniquely qualified to audit a factory for all types of products. Since customers are currently restricted from physically vetting and visiting factories, Pac-Mfg.’s reputable team in China has proven invaluable. We are able to provide our quality with direct communications with trusted associates where our competition cannot. Socks and apparel will continue to remain a primary focus for us, but we realized we needed to evolve in order to stay relevant.

I am so proud of my team who have been working diligently to expedite the process of taking our business model to new levels.  I hope you will choose Pacific Manufacturing and let our team help you navigate that path as well.

Thank You,

Harold Robison

Sock apparel manufacturing in China

Our Story

Pacific Manufacturing was founded in 2016 by Harold Robison. After finishing high school in Arizona, Harold was stationed at Travis AFB in Northern California for four years before moving to San Diego for college. While in school he began his career with Injinji, working various roles from Warehouse Assistant to V.P. of Sourcing and Development. 

It was during this time that Pacific Manufacturing slowly started to take shape, as Robison gradually built up what was once solely a sock business with Injinji to producing over 10,000,000 pairs of socks per year with a growing customer base. PM has since expanded adding knit apparel and PPE products to their repertoire in order to accelerate growth and continue to adapt to our customer needs.

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